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Water Treatment Systems In Florida

Everyone likes to believe that the water that comes into their home and that their family uses to cook, bathe, and wash their clothes is safe, but is it? Chances are that your water contains contaminants. For some people, the signs are obvious: bad smells, discolorations, and residue on skin, hair, and household items. For others, there are no signs—but that doesn’t mean that there is no contamination.

At Henry Plumbing, we're pleased to give you peace of mind with in-home water filtration treatment systems.

We work with Watershield, Halo, and Safety Zone to address a variety of water contamination concerns, from sulfuric smells to hard water limescale. Our systems are reliable and affordable, and our team of plumbers is experienced in repairs and installation.

Why would I need a water treatment system?

In most cases, the water in your home has been treated before it comes through your pipes by your city or town. However, their treatment doesn’t always go far enough. In fact, in some cases, the substances that they use to treat the water can linger & cause bad tastes, unpleasant odors, & potentially negative health effects.

Water Filtration Systems in Punta Gorda, Florida
Water Treatment Systems in Punta Gorda

In addition, the inside of your pipes can add contaminants to your water. You won’t always be able to taste, see, or smell the signs of contamination. However, the long-term effects can impact your family’s wellbeing. A water treatment system gives you the peace of mind that you’re always getting clean, safe water.

Does Punta Gorda have hard water?

Punta Gorda and the surrounding areas do have hard water. This means that the water contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.

You may notice the hardness of the water after washing your hands or taking a shower, as the calcium in the water will react with the soap to create soap scum. You may also notice hard water in the form of white scale on your faucets, rapid soap scum buildup, and dull whites from your laundry.

water treatment systems services in Punta Gorda, Florida

Hard water also tastes and smells chalky. A water treatment system can neutralize the excess calcium and magnesium, so you can enjoy water from your tap and reduce the impact of calcium and magnesium buildup on your skin, clothes, and plumbing system.

Why does my water smell like rotten eggs?

If you have water that smells like rotten eggs, then you have a problem with sulfur in your water. Sulfur may be present alongside THMs –  trihalomethanes. Over the long term, these chemicals and gasses can cause negative health effects.

Not every water treatment system can fight sulfurs in your water. The Watershield system is specifically designed to treat sulfur, THMs, heavy metals, and bacteria.

Water Treatment System For Water Park

Let Henry Plumbing help you get safe, clean water for your family.

We offer water testing services and can use the results to recommend the best water treatment system for you. Call our Punta Gorda plumbing company at (941) 661-7398 for more information or request an appointment on our website.

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