Five Main Types of Water Heaters

The 5 Main Types of Water Heaters Explained‌

Water heaters are an integral electrical appliance in your home, especially if you live in areas where winters can get chilly. Few people know the ‌water heaters they can choose for their homes. If you are considering buying a new water heater for your home, you should know the available options to help you get the best value. 

Here we give you a low down on five major water heater types you can pick from. 

Storage tank water heater

One of the most traditional forms of water heaters in homes is conventional tank water heaters. In such heaters, the water is collected in a tank and then heated before you can use it. These water heaters are affordable and work well if you don’t have extensive water heater requirements. However, they need more maintenance, and you can run out of hot water and have to wait for the tank water to be heated. 

Tankless water heaters

These heaters are a modern invention compared to tank water heaters. They come with a super-heated coil that instantly heats water, so tanks are unnecessary. They are great for homes that require ample water supplies, and you don’t want to wait. However, small tankless or on-demand water heaters won’t work if you have a large family. You will need to invest in a big one that runs on gas. 

Hybrid Water Heater

These water heaters are unique for their energy efficiency, as they don’t run on electricity to generate heat. Instead, they use the heat in the air and the ground to heat the water. They can use as much as 60% less electricity than traditional water heaters. The only cons are that you would require ample space for such water heater installation, and cold areas like basements won’t be suitable.

Solar-powered water heaters

As the name suggests, these waters run on solar energy and are highly energy efficient. It would be a great addition if you already have a solar panel. They are efficient, as they have a closed-loop system. However, they only work well in areas with plenty of sunlight year-round. You will also need a backup energy plan with these water heaters. 

Condensing water heaters

If you have a natural gas supply in your home for energy, condensing water is what you need. This type of water heater uses the heated exhaust from your natural gas system to heat your water. The gas fumes pass through a coil placed at the bottom of the water tank and get heated, which heats the water. It is an energy-efficient option for families with a natural gas system in their homes. However, it is useless to you if you don’t have natural gas options. 

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