Signs For Drinking Contaminated Water

Top 6 Signs That You’re Drinking Contaminated Water

It is no secret that water is vital to your health. Drinking 2-3 liters of water every day can alleviate headaches, aid bowel regularity, improve mood, and strengthen physical performance. However, have you considered whether the water you drink is safe for consumption? Drinking contaminated water can cause several health issues. But how do you determine whether your water is contaminated? You can look for some signs to identify water contamination in your home water supply. 

Read on to know what these signs are:


If you notice that the water you drink is cloudy, stop immediately! Most minerals dissolved in water are invisible, so if you see that the water is cloudy, you definitely have impurities in the water. 


The drinking water often comes from rivers, wells, and other underground water sources and contains sediments. However, the municipal corporation treats the water to remove residues and other impurities. Hence, if you notice visible deposits in the water, chances are high that your water supply leaks and untreated water is getting mixed with the water. 

Brown or orangish color

Another common sign of contamination is a color change. If you notice that the water looks brownish-orangish, it is because it has excessive iron or magnesium in the water. It can happen due to mining activities near a water source or due to rusty pipes in your home. 

Oil film on top of the water

If you notice an oil film forming when you store your drinking water in a jug or bottle, you should not drink it as it is contaminated. It can be oil or grease in the water supply due to poor filtration or leakage somewhere in the pipe. Call a professional leaking faucet repair plumber. 

Sulfur or chlorine scent

Any kind of smell in your drinking water must be alarming, as pure water is odorless. However, chlorine is often mixed in water to kill bacteria and other microorganisms, but the quantity is controlled, so you don’t smell it. However, sometimes it is added in access so you can notice the pungent smell. 

Without water treatment systems, don’t be surprised if drinking water cause intestinal illness or other health issues due to the potential contaminants present.

Similarly, sulfur can also be mixed in your water as it is often found in the ground naturally. It isn’t harmful when ingested in minimal quantities; however, large quantities of sulfur can cause health hazards. It also becomes easily identifiable with its off-putting smell when present in large amounts. 

Rusted silverware

If you notice rusted silverware in your kitchen, it is probably because of the small amount of iron in your water supply. Since the quantity isn’t high, you won’t notice any color change, but the iron in your water supply can damage your pipes and fitting, costing you a lot of money in repairs and replacements. 

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